The Psychology of Color in User Experience Design

Does color matter in design? Yes!

The use of color on anything visual can have a psychological impact on the user. The user experience is affected by what people like or dislike in colors. For websites, this translates into conversion rates. Basically if your website uses the wrong colors on the pages, it could have a negative effect by way of losing potential conversions. When a user sees color that he or she can’t stand, they will simply leave the page. It may even have a lasting negative impression for them so they’ll never come back. Using known color schemes that users prefer can have a positive affect by way of increasing conversion rates. Simply put, if your user experience design allows a pleasant visit to your website, users will stay and possibly click on your call to action (or buy your product). As an example: if a customer hates the color gray, most likely they will not enjoy a website that was predominantly gray no matter what the product is. It’s like going into a toy store – you expect “happy colors”, but if it the colors convey darkness or angst, it just doesn’t feel right. There are key combinations or singular colors that customers hate or don’t hate. The use of colors in user experience design is crucial. In this great article by Jeremy Smith he explains how to use the psychology of color to increase website conversions.